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Thank you for visiting the Krause Research site.  Although I have been doing wood market analysis for many years, the site is new and under construction.  Since I currently have several contracts that need to be completed and my customers come first, development of this site will have to wait for a lull in the workload.  Of course as you are welcomed to contact me about your market research needs and if I can help, perhaps there will never be a good lull!

My contact information:  

Leonard Krause
Krause & Associates

Direct phone:  541-345-3344
Cell phone:  541-232-3030
Fax (and universal voice mail):  206-842-4235
Toll free fax (and universal voice mail):  877-839-4334
Mailing Address: PO Box 50755
Eugene, Oregon 97405
Email:   contact @ 

Please visit for more information on my new book,
Complying with the Lacey Act:  A Real World Guide


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